Breakfast event (December 2016)

On Tuesday 13th December 2016, Campaign Clash founders Drew Lindon and Leon Bailey-Green hosted a roundtable breakfast in central London for senior professionals from charities and campaigning organisations. The event was an opportunity for guests to meet other campaigning professionals, share challenges, and source solutions from their peers.

We had a great, varied attendance from charity campaigning professionals working on topics including social care, health, refugee support, animal protection and the environment. We discussed our first topic at length: How can charities and campaigning groups avoid just ‘preaching to the converted’, and source support from a wider group? Given how interesting we were all finding that conversation, we touched briefly on our second topic – Is there a way for charities to alleviate concerns of a ‘slippery slope’ when promoting change? – but will likely bring this back at a future event.

During a wide discussion, we had some great examples shared on issues such as:

* preventing siloing within organisations, working with colleagues in fundraising and elsewhere to better understand the audiences you reach (and don’t reach);
* engaging new targets and supporters by better, more creative message framing; and
* how to be more provocative in public campaigning.